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Rene positively glows with the anticipation of meeting you in Las Vegas for the first time.

Brunette beauty Rene plays the girlfriend role perfectly.

I’ll take the dare. Will you? OK, I dare you to call me and invite me over for some company. When I get there you can throw a dare at me that I must go through with. I’m a totally independent girl and remain in control of what I do ALL the time. So when I chose to work in the adult industry, it was an honest decision that made me very happy. What I can give is top notch companionship and extremely exhilarating pleasure. An adult episode with me will be classy and sensuous. But it will be a bit dirty as well. That’s why I like to get in the shower with you and your big sponge to let you wash the filth from my wet, soapy naked body. I love hotel rooms with a hot tub on the balcony. Extra points and excitement are coming your way for sure if you are lucky enough to have a hot tub. But having it on the balcony overlooking the “Strip” is nothing less than your ticket to the greatest show on earth!

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